Station To Station


Liverpool - the long hot summer of 81. With youth unemployment at unprecedented levels and teens turning from the herb to the dragon for kicks, Jimmy and Ziggy escape their drab existence with forays abroad to watch their team. They supplement their dole by bringing back rare training shoes and designer sportswear which they convert to cash to fund gigs, weed and dreams. For mixed-race Ziggy, the big dream is his own set of wheels. With a car, he'd have freedom. For Jimmy, there's a bigger picture - every time he goes to Europe he sees a way of life he could get used to. The problem is that Ziggy needs Jimmy; if he left him here on the estate, he'd be devoured. 

 The two lads get by, doing what they do, barely questioning their lot in life - until the ballsy politico Lindy arrives on their patch selling Socialist Worker. She sees something in Jimmy - something he doesn't recognise in himself. Leadership. Jimmy isn't interested though, and takes up the offer of a trip to Amsterdam to bulk-buy sportswear. Ziggy sees a threat in Lindy's arrival, and goes on a forlorn journey of his own. 

 With inner-city tensions simmering, something has to give. As Jimmy, Lindy and Ziggy head into a long, long night of petrol bombs and bonfires, none of them will be same once dawn breaks. Set against a pulsating soundtrack of New Wave, reggae and classic 80s electro-pop, Station To Station is a corrosive rites of passage movie and a celebration of youth, and hope.


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