Korean Kenny Goes to Anfield


A smart, sharp comedy in which Lee Kang-Min (KENNY,) a Korean football fan embarks upon the trip of a lifetime to fulfil his dream of seeing his beloved Liverpool FC play at Anfield. Kenny faces challenges at every turn, meeting big-hearted locals and mean-spirited touts on his pilgrimage to find that golden ticket and take his place on The Kop. The film explores notions of identity, loyalty, belonging and the nature of Fandom, as Kenny encounters both the prejudice and the kindness of strangers, before discovering the truth that pulsates at the heart of LFC’s anthem: You’ll Never Walk Alone.


Nearly 30 and still living at home, Kenny Lee is the black sheep of the family. His younger brother Kim is his mother’s pride and joy – he works at a bank and already has his own apartment. Kenny, on the other hand, spends all his time watching Liverpool FC games – either online, or down at the LFC Supporters Club in Seoul, where he’s something of a celebrity. Kenny knows all the words to all the songs and seems to be the first to any transfer gossip and injury news – his subscriptions to The Anfield Wrap, The Athletic and RAWK have seen to that. His mum despairs of him. He may well be able to explain the heat map of Fabinho’s m-o-m performance against Manchester United, but what good is that in the real world?

Not everybody has given up on Kenny, however. His ailing grandmother Ara calls him to her bedside and gives him an envelope. Kenny’s love of football has been inherited from the grandfather he never met – Ara’s first love, North Korea’s reserve goalkeeper, Son. When Son defected after the country’s glorious 1966 World Cup run, he left Ara alone and, unbeknown to him, pregnant. It has taken her a lifetime to forgive him, but she wants to make her peace. In the envelope is the last letter Ara received from Son, who stayed on in Liverpool after the epic 5-3 Quarter Final against Portugal. The envelope also contains Ara’s life savings - the equivalent of £2000. She asks Kenny to find her sweetheart’s grave and place a wreath for her. Korean Kenny is going to Anfield!


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